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Winner: Connect the T-Dots

25 Feb

First Toronto Awesome Foundation Grant Winner

The first Toronto Awesome Foundation grant was announced last night at The Drake Hotel. If you attended our launch party or followed us on Twitter, you already know that the grant was awarded, by our very own Awesome Kong, to Stephanie Avery’s Connect the T-Dots.

Photo Credit: Gerrit de Jonge

Stephanie plans to use the money to paint giant dots and numbers on rooftops around the city. Her creation will turn the Google Maps views of Toronto into super-sized connect-the-dot puzzles. Stephanie will also use aerial photography to document the work. We really like the potential impact as a city-wide project, the possibility for engagement and volunteering, and the longevity of a project at this scale. (Also, that her ‘methodology’ is to just ask people really nicely.)

Congratulations Stephanie! We hope with this bag of cash your project will add a bit more awesome to Toronto’s landscape. We are looking forward to the day when we can see your creation on Google maps!

A big thank you from all of us to the enthusiastic submissions for our first Awesome grant and for coming out to our launch party. We have been overindulged in the many forms of awesomeness presented to us over the past few weeks. Some are heart-warming, some are refreshing, and some are straight-up hilarious.

Remember, if your submission was not chosen for this month, there is always next month! Think you can improve your awesome idea? Tell us! Re-submit with an update to your progress! The beacon of awesome has now lit up in T-Dot. Our friends are launching new chapters all over the country. We will be hanging around for a while!

We have our winner.

22 Feb

You’ll find out on Thursday. See you at 8pm at The Drake! Get on the guest list.

The Short List

19 Feb

The sweet sixteen. From over 250!

What gets funded this month should not be taken as an indicator of what gets funded the next. We plan to support as wide a variety of ideas as possible.

If you’re not on the list, you’re still in the running for next month!

The Party: Announcement party is this Thursday, the 24th, at 8pm at the Drake Hotel. Doors open at 7. Get on the guest list to be assured a space. All are welcome!

Musical Subway Palindromes: Original musical pieces composed to sound the same backwards and forwards. Timed to last the same duration as travel between subway stations. Presented through live performance on the trains.

Singing in the Rain: A massive karaoke party at Yonge & Dundas Square with the lyrics on all the video billboards.

Snapshots of Toronto: Distributing 100s of disposal cameras to random Torontonians to have them document their personal versions of the city. Then showcasing the results online.

Blue Box Transportation Device: Developing and selling a frame with wheels and runners to make it easier for seniors and others to haul their recycling to the curb. With the proceeds going to local charity.

The Jesus Machine: A giant vat full of cornstarch and water. A non-Newtonian liquid that lets everyone walk across the surface.

Rob Ford Bat Signal: Send a text whenever you are in need of our valiant and personally responsive Mayor! Projects a giant gravy train bat signal into the night sky.

Massey Centre for Women: Start-up funding for a group of teenage women in a post-natal program to design and launch a line of handmade jewelry and other fashion accessories.

Baggage Dumping Ground: 500 pieces of vintage luggage, sourced from local stores, into which passersby can drop personal notes leaving behind their emotional baggage.

Herd Perception: 1.) Place web cams on cows. 2.) Drop new things into the field that gets the cows’ attention. 3.) Stream it all to the web.

Take Off Your Clothes: A giant clothing swap meet. Unclaimed items get donated to charity.

Cupcakes for All!: Exactly what it sounds like.

Project Zoo: Taking the hair shaved from animals at the zoo, turning it into yarn, making stuff, then selling it at the zoo to raise funds.

Toronto Sparkles: World’s largest sparkler parade led by a clown along Yonge Street.

Cardboard Fort Night!: Come and make giant forts out of cardboard and duct tape.

Connect the T-dots: Painting large dots and numbers on the roofs of buildings to turn aerial and satellite views of Toronto into a giant connect-the-dots puzzle.

Spontaneous Singing Using Buildings: Choral music performed in unusual places with amazing acoustics.

Honourary Mention

17 Feb

Goes to the guy who proposed that we have a ToplessTO day where everyone (everyone!) goes around without a shirt on. And who would use the $1,000 to buy himself a new car.

Well done.  =)

5 days left!

10 Feb

Get ’em in.