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Blatantly Lazy Volunteer Request

28 Jul

We need a cool logo. And none of us are talented enough to kick one out.

A Toronto-centric variation of this.

So if you want to help forward awesomeness in Toronto please drop me a line!

The June Short List

18 Jul

Awesome Jobs that Really Exist: Rescuing Torontonians from the daily grind by compiling a list of the truly Awesome professions to which they can aspire.

Attack of the 50-foot Rob Ford: Challenging Toronto’s war on graffiti with a 50-foot photo-transfer paste-up of Mayor Rob Ford.

Bathurst Boogie-Woogie: Battling bland street-scapes through colour theory. Uplifting our spirits by painting concrete behemoths in soothing hues.

Blanche Fest: One hundred Blanche Dubois-es sipping Cherry Coke in Dundas Square, discussing our desire for streetcars and other topics with passers-by.

Discoballistic Sun Shower: 80 disco balls hung together in a corner of Toronto creating a completely awesome sun shower each and every day.

Smoker’s Skeleton: Anti-smoking agitprop. An art-sci ‘skeleton’ hanging out by public ash trays challenging Torontonians to give up smoking.

Toronto Kiss Map in The Star

12 Jul

Toronto Kiss Map plots ‘kisstory’ of Toronto

Amy Dempsey, Staff Reporter

He held a blue rose. She wore a hoodie and headphones. Both were barely breathing, anxious and swept up in the wild momentum that had been building for weeks.

They walked from the St. Lawrence Market, holding hands, heading nowhere in particular.

“Are you hungry?” she asked. “Not really. You?” “No.”

Energy pulled them together in a passionate, head-grabbing embrace. They kissed for one wonderful minute.