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The December Short List

30 Dec

Eleven and One – Dinner salons: 11 people sit down for dinner once a month. One host, same location (nice, wallet-friendly restaurant) and 10 new strangers each month. Potential for awesomeness, maybe even love, stranger things have happened when strangers have met.

Gingerbread Toronto: The world needs more gingerbread and it starts with Toronto! Venture to break the world record with the largest gingerbread house EVER built. Ever, ever, ever. Locally-sourced crowds will build this epic cookie cottage in a community party of gingerbread love. No witches please.

Flamin’ Rainbows: Awesome by name, awesome by nature. Flamin’ Rainbows is the brain-child of a Toronto rad scientist who is developing the art of coloured flame installations.The goal is to design a system that will shoot six-colour rainbows in bursts of flame, possibly from the mouth of a unicornoceros.

The Dreamcatchers: Propose a website to catch the dreams, aspirations and struggles of people. The dreams are then processed by a talented bunch of dream wizards who will then use this as direction for interactive art installations; transforming these dreams into live performances. Dream wizards will process dreams on a monthly basis, for the period of one year. Culture + dream recycling = Awesome.

Time Stamp: Time Stamp is based on three basic assumptions about human beings:

  1. We enjoy leaving our mark
  2. We enjoy exchanging information
  3. We enjoy using stamps

Using free software which produces QR codes, a standard wristwatch with an ink pad representing the ‘watchface’ is fitted with a twist-on rubber QR code stamp, individualised, and linked to information of one’s choice. That’s it! Owners can bop around town leaving their smartmark outside or on cards for quick info exchange while networking. Kinda like lipstick kisses, but way cooler and less incriminating.

Neighbourhood Diaries: Back by popular demand! Nathalie seeks funding for a programme allowing children to express their perceptions of the world around them as stories and art, developed through local, community workshops. We loved this enough to shortlist it a second time.

Occupy Newfoundland: Wild card entry. Occupy NL is the last Occupy camp in Canada, which we thought was pretty hardcore given they must be freezing their nuts off up there. Their mayor has said he won’t shut them down because he sees no need to, therefore these outdoor Awesomists are sticking it out through the winter. Brrrrrggghhh! The $1000 will be used for workshops, rallies, speakers, and supplies to get through this harsh season. Immediate plans include starting a community kitchen and pushing for electoral reform, first in this province and then in our entire country.