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January Winner Announced!

31 Jan

Some folks see a lawnmower and think about chores, manicured grass, or that time that Uncle Jimmy shouldn’t of had his thumb where he did.  Jason Yarwood sees a community building tool.  The Bellwoods Pushmower Society will be inviting you and your manual push mower out for some summer fun and hopes that more pushmower societies will spring up across the city. If you like parks, people, and the sensation of little grass bits bouncing off your shins, than it’s time to start customizing and decorating your mower in anticipation of the first event of 2012.

Check out the video of the January Award:

The January Short List

30 Jan

Bellwood’s Push Mower Society: Now Salt n Pepa may not have thought pushing it was for everybody, but that is NOT the case for Bellwood’s Push Mower Society who aim to challenge all those fly mowers to get on out there and… hmmm…. push.  Mechanical lawn mowers are coming back baby and this initiative aims to get a bunch of us out there keeping Toronto’s fringes impeccably groomed… the natural(ish) way. NOT ONLY is this a green initiative, NOT ONLY is it a community initiative, but you get to strut your stuff up and down the grassy catwalks of Toronto, head high, chest out and wiggling your bottom like a sexy mower-cutter.

Cyclopede – The Walking Bicycle: They say you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, but nobody said anything about reinventing two wheels, aka… the bicycle. Three engineers from UoT and Site3 (yay that rhymes) have got together to reassemble the humble push bike as… erm…. as…erm….a giant pair of legs. Or something. Actually, they mentioned a horse. A bike that moves forward like a horse. Yes. We like the idea, especially if they could evolve the bike to move like a cheetah, fly like a winged unicorn and roar like a lion at rude drivers. We’re watching your space chaps.

Occupy NL: Ain’t no stopping them Newfies, so much so that they are back on our shortlist for January. Here’s the recap from last month….

“Occupy NL is the last Occupy camp in Canada, which we thought was pretty hardcore given they must be freezing their nuts off up there. Their mayor has said he won’t shut them down because he sees no need to, therefore these outdoor Awesomists are sticking it out through the winter. Brrrrrggghhh! The $1000 will be used for workshops, rallies, speakers, and supplies to get through this harsh season. Immediate plans include starting a community kitchen and pushing for electoral reform, first in this province and then in our entire country.” We love ya crazy Newfies.

Parkdale Pirate Radio: Ahoy there and shiver your timbers, for here we have a Parkdate pirate keen to unite the creative castaways of Parkdale through the power of radio. We don’t know if they have parrots and we don’t know if they’ll make us walk the plank, but PPR (say it with a gggrrrrrr and a wink of the eye) plans to make sure residents of Parkdale can have an underground signal to showcase local overground culture. Plenty of treasure here me hearties!

Solar Fire Haiti: No, it’s not an evil mission to burn Haiti or some freaky solar eclipse. Solar Fire Haiti is the invention of a man with a mission… an open-source design for a thermal energy stove that can be used for cooking in a range of developing countries, without the need for electricity of firewood. Awesome for moresome.

Walkable Planets Toronto: Ever felt like you’re on another planet? Ever had moments where you’re lost in space? Well, the Walkable Planets community art project now gives you official permission to go and explore your inner galaxy through durable works of art in public parks around Toronto. The project will include the creation of ten art installations in public park spaces throughout the city at a scale of one to five billion. The project will be centred in Christie Pits Park with a sculpture representing “the Sun”, whilst the remaining planet installations will be placed at other parks like Trinity Bellwoods, Dufferin Grove and High Park.