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The March Short List

31 Mar

PolyPico: Two physicists at the University of Waterloo propose to hook up pico-projectors to drone aircraft (quadcopters) so that they can display geometric parts of a film, enabling ‘guerilla cinema’. One physicist is a software specialist (he’ll make certain that any given drone knows where it is in relation to a given surface, and projects the right part of the movie) and one’s a hardware specialist… (making sure the drone in question can do station-keeping, and relay its position to the projector). Together they are awesome and righteous.

The Complete Street Band: Imagine entering a Toronto park and being met, not with the sound of vehicle traffic, but with the joyous music of an eclectic band made up of all manner of people and instruments. Imagine the same band slowly marching along the sidewalks of the city, their music reverberating off brick and glass, bringing smiles to the faces of those they pass. The Complete Street Band will be open to any person with an acoustic instrument and a willingness to make wonderful collective music. All ages and musical abilities are welcome. And they’d have kazoos. Awesome!

Guerilla Gardening:
Gardening without permission…
For the benefit of everyone…
On land that is derelict…
Sitting at the heart of residential communities.
For the last decade Guerilla gardeners identified neglected corners across Toronto and staged events to replace blight with beauty and gray with green. Their events typically include a seed bombing run in the spring (scattering native wildflower seeds into difficult to reach areas), followed by 2-5 plot-specific events. The organization depends on donated plants and volunteer labor. Bloomin’ marvellous we say!

The Brief, Television Show: Humber College seems to be turning out a number of innovative graduates and Humber student Jesse Hornstein-Goldberg is certainly travelling in the same direction, forming his own advertising agency at the tender age of twenty. He proposes a television show called The Brief for his Awesome application, pitching two creative teams from Toronto advertising agencies against each other over a 24 hour time period. The output would be a central campaign idea and mock execution for a small business in the city, which would otherwise struggle to afford this expertise. As a not-for-profit venture, Jesse aims to raise the profile of small businesses in Toronto and allow them to compete for attention more competitively.

ZED.TO: Coined as a “wild adventure theatre project”, ZED.TO is an 8-month immersive narrative, that unfolds online and in the real world. Participants will join the ranks of a shining star in the lifestyle biotechnology industry, a Toronto company called ByoLogyc. They will be placed at the centre of a world of conspiracy, intrigue… and innovation, at any cost. Between now and October 2012, over four different live events and a suspenseful online story told through the web and social media, the true nature of ByoLogyc will unfold. If the world is going to end… what part will you play?

The Dean is Dead. Long Live the Dean!

4 Mar

We’re thrilled to announce that Eric Boyd will be taking over the reins as the new Dean of the Toronto Awesome Foundation. I (Geoffrey) had always hoped to be first of many Toronto Deans and am excited to see what new ideas and innovations Eric helps us achieve over the coming year.