March Winner: Guerilla Gardening

2 Apr

Last Thursday was our first ever Pitch Night, our trustees and the five chosen shortlist candidates gathered for a night of Awesome. We’re super excited by the first Pitch Night, we got so much more information about the proposals than we used to get in the 250 word proposals, and we’re hoping that it makes for better, more educated decisions. And better decisions = Moar Awesome! Here’s a four minute video of our first ever Pitch Night, including announcement of the winner: Guerilla Gardening!

Also check out Rachel’s awesome photos of the evening.

Q&A with the winner, Terry Aldebert:

1) Congratulations! What’s your project all about?

We are a diverse group of city residents beautify our urban space by planting gardens on public land. We try and select areas that are shabby and neglected and transform them into a space that can be appreciated by all who pass.

2) Where can we follow your progress? Can I join the Guerilla Gardeners?

Everyone is welcome to join us – there is no gardening experience required to become a guerilla gardener. Our season opening meeting is being held on Thursday April 5th. For exact details you can visit our website Guerilla Gardening.

Other ways you can follow up are: sign up for our newsletters on the website, join our facebook page or follow us on Twitter @TorontoGG

3) I’ve got a place in my neighborhood that needs attention / I have some plants I’d like to donate, who should I contact?

Please email terry at guerillagardening dot ca with the location suggestion. If you have any plants, tools, soil, or wood chips to donate we can try to arrange pick up.

Congratulations Terry and the Guerilla Gardeners! Let’s make this city bloom!

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  1. February 14, 2013 at 10:56 am #

    This amazing post, “March Winner: Guerilla Gardening
    The Awesome Foundation – Toronto” reveals that
    you truly understand everything that you are talking about!
    I personally totally agree with your post. Thanks a lot -Ana

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