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April Winner: The Love Lettering Project

2 May

Q&A with the winner, Lindsay Zier-Vogel:

1) Congratulations! What’s your project all about?
The Love Lettering Project is a community arts project that has been bringing love letters to strangers for the last eight years. After I distributed 500 one-of-a-kind love letters to beloved places in Toronto last summer, I’m asking others to create their own love letters at a series of community events this summer.
First, you have to
think of something you love about your city, then write a love letter to it (and turn it into a pretty little art piece), slip your love letter into an airmail envelope marked ‘love’ and leave it for a stranger to stumble upon.

It gets people thinking and talking about what they really love about this fair city of ours, and what could be more *awesome* than stumbling upon a love letter…!!

2) Where can we follow your project?

Summer events and love letters can be found at:!
Everything love letter-y will also be on my twitter feed: @lindsayzv

3) Do you have a favorite love letter from your previous efforts that you could share with us?
One of my favorite poems was to patio season:

I love that you are full to the brim
when the sun shines
and the city bares its

Also, I hung a bunch of love letters from a tree in Trinity Bellwoods Park last summer, and when I was biking through a few days later, I found the envelopes had been emptied of my love letters and replaced with someone else’s. It read: “You are a babetron. A babetron 90,000!”

4) I’d like to help distribute your letters! How can I get involved?
Yay! This is the focus of this year’s project – for people to make their own letters and leave them for strangers to find! I will be set up outside The Good Egg in Kensington Market for P.S. Kensington events and also through The Day of Delight in Dufferin Grove Park in June. More details and events are up at

Thanks so much!
Thank YOU so much!