May Winner: Dr. Cornelius von Martlehüp’s Fantacular Tent of Spectastic Oddities

6 Jun

Q&A with the winner, Joel Babcock:

1) Congratulations! What’s your project all about?

Dr. Cornelius von Martlehüp’s Fantacular Tent of Spectastic Oddities will travel around Toronto during the course of the summer eliciting responses of delight and arousal from anyone courageous enough to enter. One day there might be a puppet show going on inside, while the next there could be a reenactment of the 2nd Defenestration of Prague. No matter what you find though, it’s bound to be fun for the whole family! (Except for men over the age of 47.)

2) Where do you get your crazy ideas from?

While I was working in a Swedish opium den during the 1950s, a customer came up to me and said:

“Creativity is about perceiving the world differently. When you see something interesting, take a moment to twist it around in your mind – imagining an exaggerated version, its exact opposite, how you could add or subtract from it, unusual settings you could place it in, whatever. If you want to have crazy ideas, you can’t just pull them from thin air. Go out and experience everything with an open mind, allowing the connections you make to be loose and numerous. ”

So anyways, I guess my point is that if you see good-quality AA batteries on sale, you should probably buy them; even if you don’t need them right now, you’re bound to use them in the future.

3) Did we ask you this question as part of the Q&A?*

No, you didn’t.

4) If I’d like to volunteer or get involved, who should I contact? Do you have a website?

If you’d like to volunteer, you can send a message to

If you’d just like to check us out, our website is

And of course, you can still get in contact with us the old-fashioned way by slathering your naked body in raspberry jam, walking into the middle of the nearest street, and screaming out quotes from the Disney classic Bambi. We’ll be by to pick you up approximately 15 minutes after you start shrieking.

* EDITOR’S NOTE: We really didn’t include this question – he added it as part of his answers.**

**ADDENDUM TO EDITOR’S NOTE: We are also not responsible for writing this Editor’s Note.

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