March’s Awesome Idea: The Ouch! Package

31 Mar

This month’s Awesome project was The Ouch! Package from Andrew Bacchus, manager of Bikechain

Bikechain is a not-for-profit cycling organization based out of University of Toronto St. George campus. They are a hub for cycling activity by providing DIY services, affordable repairs, unique educational opportunities, and a welcoming community of staff and volunteers.

The Ouch Packages are intended to be distributed to cyclists who get into accidents. Andrew often encounters people needing repairs, who are also a little shaken up by an accident or fall. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a repair gift for that person’s confidence as a cyclist, as well as their bike? Each package (a few dozen are to be crafted) contains:

  • assortment of fair trade teas
  • assortment of fair-trade chocolate
  • waterproof band aids
  • one tube of Polysporin
  • roll of bandage
  • funny book
  • small travel pack of Tylenol/ Advil (maybe)

We’re in the process of putting together a video about Andrew’s awesome project. We’ll share that here when it’s done!

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