May’s Awesome Projects — Jour Vert and Walkable Planets

10 Jun
AwesomeTO May 2015 — Jour Vert and Walkable Planets

Eleanor, Tania, and Jode — this month’s Awesome grant recipients!

This past month, we Toronto Trustees decided that the submissions we received were *awesome* enough to warrant giving out TWO grants, rather than our usual one.

We’re proud to announce $1,000 contributions to both Jour Vert (a blitz of community gardening and greening in our city’s Rexdale district on June 11th), AND Walkable Planets (an installation of scale-model informational plaques about our solar system in Toronto’s hydro corridor, and the path leading to the Ontario Science Centre)!

Congratulations to Eleanor and Tania from Jour Vert, and Jode from Walkable Planets!

If YOU have an awesome idea that needs $1,000 to get off the ground, please send us your submissions through the easy-to-use Awesome Foundation website:

One Response to “May’s Awesome Projects — Jour Vert and Walkable Planets”

  1. Norman Perrin January 29, 2016 at 12:25 pm #

    Hello Awesome,

    This is a bit of a shot in the dark
    My name is Norman Perrin, I am a Toronto storyteller.
    I run the Four Winds Storytellers Library, FWL a 6,000+ collection of folktale books from around the world. It has helped storytellers and researchers for the last 25 years find folktales about mermaids, apples, Death, porcupines and so on and has provided research for four books; Dragon Boat racing, palliative care, a novel and the folklore of porcupines.
    I am seeking to create a non profit to ensure the future of this unique resource.
    Is there any one who would be willing to talk with me about how to create a non profit for the Four Winds Storytellers Library?
    I have tried the Canada Council, but they didn’t know how to support this or direct me to where I could ask for funding, so I am turning to Awesome for help.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Norman Perrin
    Four Winds Storytellers Library [In Hiatus]

    The FWL went into storage two years ago when the building housing it was sold. With the help of volunteers from University of Toronto Library IT, the long task of cataloguing the FWL has started. Pictures of the FWL’s former location can be found on my Facebook page.

    Norman Perrin

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