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Rob Ford is NOT Awesome: $1000 in cash to help get rid of him!

24 Nov

Rob Ford 2

For the past 3 years, the Toronto Awesome Foundation has been dedicated to supporting people and ideas that actively make our city a more awesome place to live, work and play together.   Unfortunately, as you are well aware, our mayor Rob Ford is doing his very best to tell the world the very opposite. He is a direct threat to our city’s inherent Awesomeness, and he must go.  As a result, the Toronto Awesome Foundation is looking to support creative, engaging, and subversively awesome ideas that help contribute to the movement to get this fantastic mess out of office.  So if you have an idea aimed at this same goal and you need help making it happen, we might just have $1000 in a paper bag for you to get it rolling – no strings attached!

Our next pitch event will be on December 10th and our submission deadline will be December 1st.  Simply fill out the online submission form detailing your idea, and we promise to consider it carefully.

We are looking forward to the arrival of your ideas as eagerly as Rob Ford’s departure.


The Toronto Awesome Foundation


Awesome November Pitch Night: Nov 29th

9 Nov

After a brief hiatus, the Toronto Awesome Foundation is pleased to announce our next pitch night: Thursday November 29th, 2012! We’ll hear awesome pitches from 4 or 5 people, and we’ll give away $1000 in a brown paper bag to the most worthy! Come and join us at the Gladstone Hotel.

Got an awesome idea and want to pitch us for your chance at the loot? Head on over to the Awesome Foundation Application, and fill in your 250 words! Our cutoff deadline each month is the 15th, so if you’d like $1000 to make that robot Santa Claus you’ve always dreamed of, now’s the time to get your submission in!

5 days left!

10 Feb

Get ’em in.

$1,000 to do something Awesome.

20 Jan

The first grant cycle of the Toronto chapter of the Awesome Foundation is now open!

Further details below, but the basic idea is that 10 Torontonians have committed to showing up each month, stuffing $100 each into a paper bag, and giving that bag to the person we think has the best chance at achieving something awesome.

No reporting, no strings, no oversight. Just $1,000 to do whatever it is you think is worth doing.

Deadline for submission is February 15th. (So really whenever I wake up on Feb 16th.)

So let’s get going! Tell us what amazing thing you’d do with a grand.

For those of you who refuse to believe it’s that simple:

What we’re about. How it works. Who we are. A detailed FAQ.

Other projects around the world. The founding concept.