How It Works

1.) Think of something Awesome to do.

Whatever that means to you. Be sure it can be achieved – or at least started – with $1,000. And definitely make sure you:

  1. Watch this video from Awesome Connecticut about who we are and what we do;
  2. Vet your idea against the 9 Principles of Awesome; and
  3. See what others have done around the world.

2.) Submit it to us.

Write it up in this form before the 15th of each month. Tag it for Toronto.

(If you want to submit other materials – web sites, videos, etc., – post them online and share the link through the form.)

3.) We’ll post the short list.

We get together on the last Thursday of every month to narrow down the field and decide the winner. After that meeting, we post the short list on our blog and help draw attention to your project.

4.) Then we’ll announce the winner. Sometimes at a party.

A few days after the short list goes up we’ll announce the winner! Not every project lends itself to a party, but when we can we’ll throw a bash (or tag along on someone else’s). After that, just a matter of hooking up to get you the $1000. We take you at your word that you’re going to what you said you would. And that you’ll keep us in the loop as you get it done. If you don’t win the first time, try again!

5.) And finally, make the short list but not win?

Reach out to one of our Trustees directly or through our Twitter feed. We’ll tell you why and help you reshape your proposal for next month.

That’s it. Spread the awesome.
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